Life and Message

Life and Message

We are getting time to sit back and we think to utilize this free time by sharing some life experiences of different individuals along with their message.

What is the main purpose of LAM?

Life Stories

While journeying through life we discover that we all are running out of time. What are we going to do with the time we have left? If we do not reposition ourselves with the time we have left, we could miss the best time in this season of your existence. so we are here to share the stories. We are helping to share your perspective so that it can help millions of people in the world. Stay connected with our latest posts.

Life Motivation

Whatever we do, we need some sort of interest or motivation to complete the work. To achieve something we need to complete a lot of the work. Life and Message are going to help to add 2 spoons of sugar in the Mango Juice to make life sweeter. Motivation is easy to achieve however to implement you need a good habit. Making better habits day by day you need a really suitable environment.


Ideas are just ideas if those ideas are not executed. Most of the people who come across us have curious minds, brilliant ideas but they are stuck. We will put our efforts to help those individuals, especially young minds and others. You are worrying about life if you do not get success. Same time you think about what other people think about you that is stopping to become successful in this life.