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Get results faster, things we need to consider these

In this article, we are going to learn about how to get results faster for any kind of work. In this world, everyone wants to become successful. Some people work very hard to accomplish things, but they are unsuccessful since other people can achieve the very same thing just as easily.

You need to understand this science: what can work for you and what won’t work for you. Once you set your goal and start to work on the same then you need to get results faster to become successful. 

In one of the interviews, Elon Musk explained that if we set one hour to clean the room we can complete the cleaning room within one hour. Similarly, if we set a time for one week to clean the room then it will take one week for the same. That means the same work can be planned in such a way. The ultimate win is to complete work in a short period so that we can do other remaining work or take some time off. 

There are different kinds of approaches to solving the same problems. Your goal should be a problem-solving expert so that you can solve any problem with the shortest path. For e.g. If you want to reduce your fat then you have to understand the root cause. There are various reasons due as unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, due to certain kinds of diseases, etc.

Once you find the root cause then only you will be able to plan for the actual solution. That means in this case let’s say you are becoming fat due to less workout then the shortest solution would be to go for the workout for at least half an hour each day. 

There are different kinds of goals in life like professional goals, personal goals, financial goals, etc. Balancing those goals are important the same as focusing on the least item at a time. Based on the earlier conversation we found that we need to set the time bound for the specific task. For that time bound you to need to focus on the least items so it helps to complete the work.

You might occasionally experience work-related diversions, and sometimes your estimated completion will not be met. By considering those points you have to provide some buffer time while estimating any work time.

Remember one thing you can’t be intelligent only by talking, and you can not be faster by running. You need mortification to achieve something in life. Your body and health should be the top priority. Only then should you begin the work after making sure you are well enough to do so. The human body requires a good amount of rest and sleep. So that you will become fresh to work for the next day.  

Calculation of the value is also another thing, to achieve things faster you should work on long-term and short-term plans as well. Let’s say long-term plans are your career, financial investments, family relations, friends, physical, mental, and spiritual health, etc. To live the current life you need food, clothes, shelter, education, entertainment, etc. Always focus on the long-term plan by balancing the short-term plan. 

You are the driver of your life so you should be able to differentiate what is urgent and what is important. If you do not think too much then you might feel everything is urgent however your focus should be on the important things to get results faster.

Consistent willpower to learn and experiment with things to achieve your goals is the most important factor. So learn every day new things, work hard, automate your work, and stay with like-minded people to get results faster.

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